Books of teaching ideas and demos selected by the Irish delegates from the European festivals have been produced. These books have been sent to all science teachers in Ireland and can be downloaded in PDF format here. The development and distribution of the books has been supported by CASTeL at DCU, the Institute of Physics in Ireland and the Professional Development Services for Teachers (PDST).



Science on Stage 1 Teaching Ideas (4.7 Mb)
Physics-on-Stage-2&3 (6 MB)

Science on Stage Videos


Videos (in English and Irish) of teaching ideas have been developed with the support of CASTeL at DCU, Institute of Physics in Ireland and the Professional Development Services for Teachers (PDST).

Genetic drift
Opening Flowers Capillary Action
Bubble and Squeak
Carbon Copy with Lemon Juice
Electrolysis of Water
Maths and Chemistry
Steel Wool Sparkler
Bubble Motion Inside a Bottle
Density of Apple and Tomato
Cartesian diver using dropper and food dye
Racing Candles
Submarine Model
Sinking Orange
Twinkle, twinkle, little star (laser)
An even Simpler Motor
A Human Hand battery
A two-part Ammeter
Button Magnets in a Test tube
Charged Rod and Finger
Dancing Foil
Diamagnetic Water
Electrical conduction through the Human Body
Electrostatic Attraction & Repulsion With Straws
Floating LEDs
Magnetic Brakes
Paper Electroscope
Printing Magnetic Fields
Six Magnets in a Test Tube
String as a Conductor of Electricity
Action and Reaction Newton's third law
An air-powered Straw Rocket
Amazing Swinging Coat Hanger and Coin
A Peacock's Feather
Apple, Hammer and Sir Isaac Newton
A Teabag Rocket
Archimedes Tug of War
Balancing spoon, fork and match on glass
Bank Card, Coins and Water Surface Tension
Boomerang Ball
Bouncing Balls
Bouncing water
Bubbles in Free Fall
Can you balance 6 nails on 1
Cartesian Diver Using a Bottle and a Test Tube
Centripetal Force
Climbing Playing Cards - Friction on Two Strings
Defying Gravity
Earth and Moon Jump
Fountain in a Bottle
If you push the wall, will it move
Investigating Flight
Measuring Friction with Metre Sticks
Rolling Dumbell
Rolling Roses on an Incline
Surface Tension in a Glass of Water
Surface Tension Water knot
The Power of the Wind
Which syringe is easiest to push
Metals are good conductors of heat
Potato Gun (Boyle's Law)
Water blender
Water Heat Absorption
Science Principals
Camera Obscura
CD & DVD Diffraction Patterns in Water
Diffraction Grating from a Teabag
Focusing of the Human Eye
Green Laser Microscope
Mirror Reflections
See the IR light
Sun Cream UV Absorption
Twinkle, twinkle, little star (laser)
Ballistic Pendulum Bullet
Teaching Speed with Graphs
Atmospheric Pressure 1
Atmospheric Pressure 2
Balloon in a Bottle
Bernouli Balloons
Bionic Plungers
Marshmallows and Air Pressure
Simple Hovercraft
Tornado, Water and Flame
Two straws better than one
Lego Harmonics
Mouth Organ Lollies
Oscillating Pendulums
Propagation of Waves
Sound is a Waveform
Standing Waves using a Coffee Whisk