Meet the Irish SonS 2017 team – David O’Connell

16th March 2017IMG-20170315-WA0014

David O’Connell is a science teacher in Christian Brothers College, Cork. 

The Magic of Science

‘The Magic of Science’ is a series of experiments which is aimed at igniting an interest in science amongst primary school students. The science ‘magic’ show has been carefully and continually refined to a 45 minute presentation which has been performed over 75 times in the past six years to a wide and diverse range of primary school students. Each show aims to get students excited about science. Through challenging the student’s misconceptions and promoting an inquiry-based learning approach, students are encouraged to ask ‘Why?’ The Magic of Science relates aspects of the students’ everyday experiences to theoretical scientific ideas and principles which stimulates the students to become true young scientists. . The experiments and equipment needed is safe and low-cost, making it an attractive package for teachers at all levels in primary school. The show can easily be adapted by any teacher who is willing to take an interest in learning some new and exciting experiments

See David’s project at the Science on Stage workshop at the ISTA conference in Maynooth on the 8th April.