Máire Duffy – Radio Astronomy at School (Joint Project)

8th April 2022

Máire Duffy | Clonkeen College| Dublin| Ireland
Nelson Correia | Escola Secundária Maria Lamas| Torres Novas| Portugal

Radio Astronomy at School is a project that aims to promote students’ interest in astronomy and physics in the area of radio waves emitted by celestial bodies. Students were involved in building three different types
of radio telescopes.

  1. An Itty Bitty Telescope using a t.v. Satellite dish and a signal finder to detect radio waves from the sun.
  2. A horn antenna to detect the 21 cm hydrogen line from our milky way.
  3. A 2.5 m parabolic dish radio telescope in Portugal.
    The dish itself was donated from AMRAD.

Video Introduction