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Meet the Irish SonS 2017 team – David O’Connell

16th March 2017

David O’Connell is a science teacher in Christian Brothers College, Cork.  The Magic of Science ‘The Magic of Science’ is a series of experiments which is aimed at igniting an interest in science amongst primary school students…. Read more

European STEM League

8th March 2017

Science on Stage Europe invites STEM teachers from all across Europe to implement the teaching ideas of the  teaching brochure “iStage 3 – Football in Science Teaching” in their own classrooms, testing the various experiments with… Read more

Football in Science Teaching: Now available in English

7th March 2017

How to calculate the perfect flight curve of a football? What type of grass is used at football grounds? Why do football players carry GPS sensors? Football is not only a sports game – it… Read more