Science on Stage Festival 2022

The 12th European Science on Stage festival will take place from 24-27 March 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic. At the largest European educational fair for STEM teachers around 450 primary and secondary school teachers from 32 countries come together to exchange best practice teaching concepts. They present their most innovative ideas from teachers for teachers in a fair, in workshops, and performances. More information on the 2022 festival can be found here.

Irish Delegation

Guiding Themes

All projects represent inquiry-based learning approaches under the guiding themes:

  • Science for the Youngest (projects for preschool and primary school)
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Education (projects that show how STEM can contributes to achieving the SDGs)
  • Technologies in STEM education (projects involving coding, ICT, big data, AI, VR, network security, etc.)
  • Diversity in STEM Education (projects including the variability of teaching methods, for talented students, for inclusive learning, cooperation between younger and older students etc.)
  • STEM with Arts (e.g. projects combining STEM with other disciplines – i.e. arts, music, sports, history, etc.)
  • Collaboration in STEM Education (e.g. projects including the local community – e.g. between teachers, schools and companies, different communities)
  • Joint projects (projects developed in cooperation between teachers from different countries, one of whom at least participated in a previous Science on Stage festival)

Science on Stage Ireland

Science on Stage in Ireland is organised by CASTeL at Dublin City University and has received funding for its activities from the Institute of Physics in Ireland (2001-2019) and Science Foundation Ireland (2015-2019).

Further information on Science on Stage in Ireland can be found at: or please contact Dr. Eilish McLoughlin, Chair National Steering Committee Science on Stage Ireland,  E: